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Salvatore Cianciabella

Il maschio digitale

Abuso dell'uso di smartphone, tablet e computer, riduzione della comunicazione e delle relazioni a scambi di messaggi via chat, ricerca del piacere solo attraverso il web e conseguente difficoltà a relazionarsi vis-vis con i propri simili. La dimensione digitale crea sempre più problemi alle nuove generazioni e in particolare ai maschi? Lo chiediamo a Salvatore Cianciabella, psicologo e docente di Tecnologie informatiche.

Phil Zimbardo

What has been the effect of pornography and video games on the male brain and how has it affected his ability to relate to others in the real world? Dr. Philip Zimbardo, author of “Man (Dis)Connected: How Technology Has Sabotaged What it Means to be Male” went on Bill Bennett’s show to discuss these issues and others.

Sexual Identity Crisis in Young Men

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo’s latest book Man (Dis)connected argues that the excessive use of video games and online pornography is pushing young men into a crisis of masculinity that leaves them bored at school, disinterested in human contact, and opting out of society. He is famous for the controversial Stanford Prison experiment in the 1970s which showed how easily the male subjects could be manipulated into behaving like sadistic guards or passive victims in a controlled prison environment. He explained what he thinks needs to be done to help young men.